Lip enhancement can increase the fullness and enhance the definition of your lips to create a more desirable and youthful appearance and defined smile. Lip Enhancement Treatment

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip filler treatment, also called lip enhancement or augmentation, can help to add or restore volume to the lips. Popular with patients of all ages, lip enhancement is our fastest-growing non-surgical treatment.
If your lips have lost definition over the years, or never had the fullness you would like, lip fillers can enhance the shape and volume of your lips to give you more definition to your smile and more confidence in your appearance. You can choose the exact look you want, whether that’s a subtle change or much fuller lips. We’ll create a personalised treatment programme to ensure your lips stay plump and continue to look great.
As we age lips become thinner with fine lines eventually appearing around the mouth. With the help of natural lip fillers, we can help to create definition around the lips improving lipstick bleeding lines. Prior to the treatment, a trained professional will carry out a face to face discussion to advise you with the best solutions tailored for you. During the treatment, you will feel a small pinch on your lips when injected, and then the dermal filler will be gently massaged in.