Dr Kiran Gudray

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

The most common areas to get Anti-wrinkle Treatment are the following:

  • forehead
  • crows feet (around the outside of the eyes)
  • glabella (the frown lines in between the brows)

These are the areas that can be treated in the 1 are/2 area/ 3 areas

Anti-wrinkle Treatment works by temporarily stopping the muscle from contracting – helping to smooth out existing lines and prevent future lines from forming.

Sweating can also be treated through injections in both armpits.

The neck lift can be achieved by Anti-wrinkle Treatment to smooth lines – patients will often complain of a “turkey neck”

An eyebrow lift can be done with Anti-wrinkle Treatment helping to lift the tail of the brow slightly.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment can be used for “jawline slimming” / patients with bruxism by stopping the masseters from working at full efficiency.

All treatments take around 2 weeks to kick in – results won’t be immediate – but last around 6 months.



Lip filler – pretty self explanatory but can be tweaked according to what shape the pts want

NLF – nasolabial folds – the nose to mouth lines can be injected with filler to smooth the area out

Marionette lines – the downturned lines on each side of the lower lips – can be filler and turn an upside smile on its head

Smokers lines – thin lines above the upper lip that can be smoothed with filler

All of the above last 9-12 months depending on the pts metabolism and how thick the filler is

Cheek filler – helps give contour or volume restoring volume loss

Nose filler – can reshape hooks/bumps to give a smoother shape

TT – tear trough – under eye filler to help restore lost volume and remove pigmentation UP TO A POINT – the rest will be need to fixed with skincare

Chin filler – helps to “balance” the face – for dentists a severely class II pt can be corrected aesthetically by adding filler to the chin

Jawline – filler to help give contour and shape

Hands – filler to help hands look less “veiny” and restore volume

The above last 12-18 months

Profhilo  – a magic treatment – think of it as an injectable moisturiser helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines / increase hydration and elasticity of the skin. Gives a “dewy” look – pts need 2 sessions of this 4 weeks apart

Great for pts above 40 although I have many pts in their 20s wanting this.

Mesotherapy/microneedling – skin treatments that involve inducing small scale trauma to the skin to encourage collagen and elastin formation, can be combined with “elixirs/cocktails” to help promote cell turnover